Ocampo's Fine Jewellery

Lolita Clover Ruby Ladys Ring

Embrace timeless elegance with the 18K Yellow Gold Lolaita Lady's Ring, a masterpiece of sophistication and charm. This exquisite ring features a clover-inspired design crafted from 1.8 grams of luxurious 18K yellow gold, meticulously sculpted to showcase its radiant shine. At the heart of the ring are four vivid rubies, totaling 0.78 carats, each carefully selected for their rich color and exceptional clarity, adding a touch of warmth and glamour to the piece. Surrounding the rubies are 15 sparkling diamonds, totaling 0.14 carats, set in a delicate pave setting that enhances their brilliance. Whether worn as a symbol of luck and prosperity or as a statement of personal style, the Lolaita Lady's Ring is a testament to craftsmanship and elegance, making it a cherished addition to any jewelry collection.


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