Friendship Bracelets, Promise Rings: Jewelry for Lasting Bonds

In between the first and final half of the year is the month of August. Forget the Ghost Month; August is the month of friendship and close, enduring bonds. Symbolic jewelry pieces are a stylish way to commemorate them. Ocampo’s Fine Jewellery has elegant selections apt for the sentimental occasion. Take your pick as you have a peek at our offerings. 

Infinity-designed Jewelry

Nothing says “for keeps, forever” better than infinity designed jewelry pieces. Infinity-designed gold jewelry says it best. With a shine that lasts and value that appreciates through the years, infinity designed gold jewelry doesn’t just say “forever”, literally. It does so, figuratively, as well. 


Link-designed Bracelets 

For lifelong friendships, matching bracelets are a favorite. As wrist candies, they’re a stylish reminder of a loved one being always within reach in spirit, whether the wearers are close by or far apart. Bracelets that have linked or intertwining elements as centerpieces are ideal for celebrating friendly, familial or romantic bonds that stand the test of time. 

Heart-designed Jewelry 

Heart designs are timeless and versatile. No matter the occasion, they’re always special and well-appreciated by any recipient. Veer away from the typical heart jewelry by choosing designs with interesting finishes and textures. Matte is a chic update to the classic shiny gold, and subtle details like cuts on the surface lend more depth to any piece. 

Thin Eternity Rings 

Dainty rings are a beautiful way to signify deep bonds, without taking away from a wedding or engagement band. A thin eternity ring is a perfect upgrade to a simple thin band; packing on the brilliance without being over-the-top. Imagine adding a gem to the ring for each year you are celebrating with your girl friends. That will surely be fashion and friendship goals. 

We love and celebrate friendships as much as you do. Browse through Ocampo’s Fine Jewellery’s collections and find the perfect pieces to mark your treasured lifelong bonds. Visit our branch nearest you today. 

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