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  • Rosa Diamond Pendant X1 - White Gold
    Rosa 14k White Gold Diamond Pendant X1 | Ocampo's Fine Jewellery
  • Maya Heart Diamond Necklace
  • Curblink Chain - White Gold
    Curb Link Chain 14K White Gold Necklace | Ocampo's Fine Jewellery
  • Foxtail Chain White Gold
  • Vera Cross Pendant
  • Talia Heartbeat Necklace
  • Reese Cross Pendant
  • Pia Cross Pendant
  • Four Way Cross Pendant
  • Angel Lock Necklace
  • Noelle Chain Necklace
    Noelle 14k Three Tone Chain Necklace (SZ) | Ocampo's Fine Jewellery
  • Jesus Face Gold Pendant
    Jesus Face 18k Yellow Gold Pendant | Ocampo's Fine Jewellery
  • Arianna Shoe Pendant
    Arianna Shoe 14K White Gold Pendant | Ocampo's Fine Jewellery
  • Yellow Gold Heart Pendant SZ 14K
    Heart 14k Yellow Gold Pendant SZ | Ocampo's Fine Jewellery
  • Princess Illusion Diamond Pendant - Yellow Gold
    Princess Illusion 14k Yellow Gold Diamond Pendant | Ocampo's Fine Jewellery
  • Lucille Diamond Necklace
    Lucille 18k White Gold Diamond Necklace | Ocampo's Fine Jewellery

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