5 Things I Learned At A Bridal Fair As A Soon-to-Wed

My boyfriend and I are looking to get married in September next year. Attending bridal fairs has yet to make it to our list of weekly date ideas. At least, not until a coworker told me about the perks soon-to-weds get when they do: discounts, trial makeup and styling, and lots of FOOD courtesy of the caterers’ food tasting offer. 

Not to mention, we can kickstart our wedding planning while having a fun date. That was enough to lure this couple in. Sharing a few things I learned from attending a bridal fair as a soon-to-wed. 

Everything You Need And Never Thought You Need, You’ll Find There

A cinnamon roll kiosk and doughnut wall are the last things we expected to find at a bridal fair. We did find them and understand how fun it may actually be to have things like these in a wedding. They’re IG-worthy and yummy treats for guests, especially as they wait out the time in between the ceremony and the reception. 

Other things we did not consider looking for at the fair are,  ironically, bridal car suppliers and lights and sounds professionals. In large part, it’s because we aren’t too deep into the details yet. Anyway, the point is, what you have yet to consider having for your wedding at the early planning stages, you will inevitably consider when you see it at the fair. 

A Wedding Shopping List is a Must

There are easily 60-100 vendors at the fair, and every aisle you’ll pass will have a barrage of eager suppliers ready with their deals and best elevator pitches. Going in without a shopping list may lead to overexcitement over the many choices immediately available, and also, overbooking and spending. It’s best to lay out what you want for your big day, so you know what exactly to keep an eye out for. This way, your trip to the fair can become more organized and purposeful. 

Trying Products and Services Out for FREE is a PRIVILEGE

FREE ENTRANCE at a bridal fair is already a privilege in itself, and one we were lucky enough to take advantage of at the last minute. Bridal fairs have pre-registration perks that couples can and should make the most of. 

On a regular business day, a bride-to-be won’t be able to score a trial makeup at no cost. High end caterers won’t be holding taste tests, at least without registration fees, either. So, while you’re at the fair, make the most of the experience by getting the most out of the vendors. Have a taste of everything while pretty much everything is within reach. 

Leave Your Number with the Vendors

The prices and quality of their offers are not the only determining factors in choosing your suppliers. How proactive and professional they are will make any deal all the more sweet. Leave your number with the vendors. See who’ll follow through, post- bridal fair. Proactive follow-throughs are typically a good indicator of how willing a supplier is to go the extra mile, and that’s a major plus point. 

Zero Bookings After the Fair is OK

You went to the fair to check and explore your options. While it may be tempting to book and pay right there and then, ending up with zero bookings after your attendance is perfectly okay. This gives you more time to think and research about the suppliers you’re eyeing. You’re surely heading home with a bag full of brochures and calling cards anyway. Should you decide to book after the fair, you’ll be fine.

Attending a bridal fair for the first time is quite the experience. In the course of planning our big day, we’ll be sure to head over to a few more. Fingers crossed that, in doing so, we’ll be able to put together a dream team in time for our wedding. 



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