The Wedding To-Do List for Your 2024 Nuptials

We’re down to the final months of the year. If you’re newly engaged and set to walk down the aisle in 2024, the months are sure to fly by fast. In between running errands and keeping your daily routine in check, squeezing in planning your wedding can be quite the task. 

Thankfully, there are wedding to-do lists left and right from reputable suppliers to help you plan next year’s nuptials. We put together this list. 

Save the Date

Having a wedding date sets your wedding plans in motion. In choosing yours, consider family customs and traditions. Do your soon-to-be in-laws check feng shui, or are there dates your family typically avoids for such occasions?

It’s also important to mind the weather. Planning a destination wedding? Then the summer season may be apt for your nuptials. Think a garden wedding will be perfect for you? Then your perfect date may lie somewhere between late May and early June. 

Reserve the Venues 

The year 2024 is an auspicious time for various events, especially weddings, as it’s the Year of the Dragon. Couples are sure to have reserved their venues a year or at least 8 months in advance. Take your cue from them and do the same to secure the ceremony and reception of your dreams. You can never be too early for the big day, can you? 


Book the Suppliers 

From the major players down to the smallest details, suppliers can make or break your big day. Having the wrong one is worse than having no one at all. Knowing where to find trusted wedding vendors is key to getting the right ones for your wedding. As bridal fairs are being held left and right, take the time to drop by a few of them to score some deals upon booking. 

Book the Guests 

Whether or not you made a big announcement on your socials, you know your big day calls for a perfect attendance from all your loved ones. Make sure to achieve this by keeping the RSVP simple, accessible and easy. Add a modern touch to the way you RSVP with a wedding website. You may even opt to go paperless and do without the usual printed invitations. Not only will your guests be able to confirm their attendance in a few clicks; they’ll also be able to see your story with a few scrolls. 

Seal the Deals

Now all that’s left to do is to seal all the deals. Plan your payments, and start making them, so all you have to think about in the days leading up to your wedding are you, your partner and the main event. 

There you have it, a few basic yet very important musts for your wedding. Hope you found these helpful. Best wishes as you count down the days to your big day. 


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