You Glow Girl: Tips on how to Protect your Fine Jewelry in Summer Escapades

Summer has arrived, and many of us are heading to the beach to soak up in the sun, play in the sand, and unwind.

As the temperature increases and the sun shines brightly, it is important to give your jewelry the utmost care it needs to maintain its shine and allure. There are specific challenges such as exposure to sunscreen and chlorine, as well as a greater risk of damage and loss during outdoor activities.

Follow these essential tips to keep your treasured gold looking great all season:

  • Avoid wearing it during swimming or beach outings
  • If you enjoy the sea or pool, remove your jewelry before swimming or exposing it to saltwater and chlorine. Also, elements like sand and sunlight can damage or discolor your fine jewelry.

  • Protect your jewelry from the effects of sunscreen and sweat
  • Sunscreen is a great way to protect your skin from sunburn and harmful radiation. However this can cause an irritant accumulation on your jewelry. Sweat can also tarnish and dull these precious gems. To prevent these issues, when putting on jewelry, always use a gentle lotion. This will reduce discomfort between your skin and the metal.

  • Ensure your jewelry is well-organized
  • This is a perfect time to show off your fine jewelry. To prevent it from direct sunlight, being tangled or scratched, organize your jewelry properly. Keep your rings, bracelets, and other valuable jewelry separately. Refrain from keeping your jewelry in humid areas, as this can result in tarnishing and other harm. Instead, keep your valuables in a cold, dry location, like a jeweler's box or a lined drawer.

  • Keep your jewelry shining bright
  • Jewelry becomes dull and attracts dirt during summer because of sunscreen, lotion, and sweat. With an at-home cleaning, you can restore the brilliance of your jewelry. The most efficient way to clean most jewelry is with soap and water. You will need a small bowl of warm water, mild dish soap, a soft toothbrush, and a damp towel. Add a few drops of dish soap to warm water to create a cleaning solution, then immerse your jewelry for 30 minutes. Scrub it carefully and then rinse it with clean warm water. Allow your jewelry to dry naturally, or use a soft towel. 

    When it comes to maintaining your precious gems radiating and safe from harm, Ocampo's Fine Jewellery is here to help you to renew your jewelry’s glow. 


    How to Protect Your Jewelry in the Summer

    Top 5 Tips to Protect your Jewelry in Summer


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