5 Jewelries Spotted at Weddings

Apart from being a celebration of a lifelong commitment and union, weddings serve as grand reunions for the families and friends of the bride and groom, especially in the Philippines. So, it doesn’t come as a surprise that all guests are dressed, and bejeweled, to the nines. Here are 5 jewelry pieces you’ll catch glimpses of at weddings. 


Worn by: The bride and groom 

Weddings are not weddings without the exchange of rings between the couple. Rings go hand-in-hand with the exchange of vows for a good reason: they symbolize the promise of fidelity between the couple. This makes them an important highlight of any wedding ceremony, in any part of the world.  


Worn by: Mothers, grandmothers, godmothers, entourage 

Brooches make for a practical accessory. Not only can they change the look of any getup, they can also spare you from wardrobe malfunctions come the big day. Shiny brooches can hold any loose straps, bodice or shawls in place, while elevating the look. No wonder moms, lolas and ninangs love them. 

Memorial Jewelry

Worn by: The bride or groom in honor of a departed loved one 

Filipinos are all about close family ties, and during a significant life event, they make sure no family member gets left out. Even if they’ve long been gone. Frame charms with a loved one’s photo is a popular choice of memorial jewelry for weddings. The classic romantic design adds a sentimental feel to the getup, without being over-the-top. 

Dainty Necklace

Worn by: Bride, entourage 

Typically, the bride and her entourage are the best-dressed ladies in weddings. Complementing various styles of gowns, no matter if they’re minimal or extravagant, are dainty necklaces that tie the look together and tastefully bring attention to the ladies’ decolletage. 

Statement Earrings 

Worn by: Wedding guests, hosts

Guests know never to upstage the couple, especially the bride, on their big day. Still, this shouldn’t keep them from looking their best on occasion. Monochromatic getups are popular among the ladies, especially for those attending the reception. Then, to take the look from day to night, statement earrings are added to the getup. 

Have you spotted or worn any of these to a wedding yourself? Tell us about it. 

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