Abundance in Color: Shades that Bring Luck and How to Style Them

Chinese New Year is here, and we’re seeing 2023’s zodiac animal, the rabbit, pretty much everywhere: from the malls in the form of displays, to our homes, also in the form of displays, as well as fashion items that feature rabbit designs. The Chinese New Year season is also big on lucky items and colors. 

This year, here’s a lineup of hues believed to bring prosperity and abundance in different aspects of one’s life, and how you can style them, in and out of your closet. 


Why it’s lucky: If you practice feng shui, then you’d often read or hear how blue brings a sense of calm and tranquility and signifies healing. 

How to style it: Regal and versatile, this color is a closet staple for the fashion-savvy. Make it yours in the form of tailored basics like a structured shirt and flattering bottoms. If you love sticking to neutrals, wear the hue by accessorizing with shiny jewelry, shoes and bags. 

Red and Pink 

Why they’re lucky: While it’s already a given that red is a lucky color, pink being one isn’t as widely known. Red is often attributed to wealth, spiritual protection and passion, whereas the softer shade pink is known to be a nurturing color associated with love and harmony. 

How to style them: It’s easy to incorporate these into your wardrobe especially as Valentine’s season is just around the corner. You may also want to bring these shades out of the wardrobe and into different spaces in the home, like the receiving area. Put pink rose quartz and red jasper stones on display for an instantly energizing, welcoming feel and a pop of color. 


Why it’s lucky: Fresh to the eyes and soothing to the soul, green gives off a reinvigorating feeling of growth and new beginnings. 

How to style it: Keep it personal and symbolic. Decorate your space with shades of green. Put indoor plants in your room, or choose the more neutral army and forest greens as colors of your furniture. 

The new year is a great reason to put color and welcome abundance into your life. Do it in style. Happy Chinese New Year! 

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