Amethyst: The February Birthstone and What it Has to Do With Love

When you think about gemstones for romance, rose quartz, ruby and diamond often come to mind almost immediately. While they’re the staples for luck in love, anniversary gifts and engagement rings, there’s another gemstone that may make the love of a lifetime yours for the taking: the amethyst. 

The elegant purple gem is February’s birthstone, and for good reasons. We name a few of them here. 

Couple’s Stone

According to a centuries-old legend, the Roman emperor Claudius II banned all marriages to be able to easily encourage men to join his army. Despite the ban, Valentine still performed marriage rituals for couples and wore a ring with a purple stone when he did. Couples recognized him through this, which is how amethyst became the revered stone for Valentine’s. 

This is also the story behind the amethyst’s moniker, Couple’s Stone, as the union of couples during the ban was strongly associated with it. 

Promise of Fidelity 

As St. Valentine’s stone, complete with the story of strengthening love in the midst of trying times, the amethyst is also associated with the promise of fidelity and enduring romance. It then makes sense that the stone is also used to commemorate two anniversaries, the 6th and the 17th, holding more significance for its wearers. 

Nature’s Tranquilizer

On a non-Valentine related note, the purple stone is most popularly known for its calming effect and is also believed to be able to relieve headaches. Also widely associated with the brow or third eye chakra, it is known to activate one’s intuition and cleanse one’s aura. 

Amethyst in Greek means, ‘not to be intoxicated’, making it a fitting name for the stone’s calming properties. It also goes by the nickname “Nature’s Tranquilizer” and is said to help in reducing addiction, hyperactivity and OCD tendencies. 

Inner peace and balance allow people to love more deeply and live more harmoniously, which strengthens the notion that amethyst is, indeed, a love stone. 

Royally Purple

As a bonus, when worn as jewelry, amethyst effortlessly elevates any look.The timeless appeal of these gemstones make any piece of jewelry, and its wearer, shine, often warranting a second, or even third, look. Who says you can get that effect only with diamonds? 

February’s birthstone is truly a gem for love, life and style. These are just a few good reasons to love, and cop, an amethyst piece. If you haven’t yet, then maybe it’s time to get your hands on your first amethyst jewelry. Find yours here at

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