Beyond Seizing the Moment: Ichigo Ichie

Ichigo ichie is a popular Japanese phrase and principle about seizing every moment and every encounter. The kanji characters, 一期一会, quite literally translates to ‘one moment one meeting’. Every aspect of life can benefit from the Ichigo Ichie way–from how you enjoy and take in the little things, to how you work on the bigger things and how you put together and be present in your life’s defining moments. 

In fashion and art, Ichigo Ichie is practiced through capturing the moments and having a distinct look. Its Japanese roots are evident in the overall aesthetic that consists of clean lines, an earthy or subdued palette, smooth strokes and flowing silhouettes. Not only do we see these in paintings and other forms of traditional art; we also see them in contemporary fashion items such as clothing and jewelry. 

A fine example of Ichigo Ichie in fashion is its namesake jewelry collection, Ocampo’s Fine Jewellery’s Ichigo Ichie series designed by Ayako Kamba. Released in 2020, the collection features dainty 10k yellow gold earrings and ear cuffs with chain, pearl, and diamond accents for a classy and unique look. 

Ayako Kamba envisioned spreading the joy and glamour of wearing jewelry to more people, which inspired the release. Wearing simple yet statement-making pieces is a sure way to create a fashion moment and steal the show. The Ichigo-Ichie collection takes seizing the moment up a notch by allowing its wearers to create and own the moment

Wearers of the Ichigo-Ichie pieces may also be inspired to explore their own sense of style through the well-crafted contemporary collection, again leveling up from seizing, to creating, to owning, to ultimately, being the moment as they live each of their days. The timeless principle has birthed timeless art through the years, and, while unexpected, the Ocampo’s Fine Jewellery Ichigo-Ichie collection is one of its beautiful results.

Add new depth to your style with the simplicity and intricacy of Ichigo-Ichie. Shop the collection today. 

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