Days that Deserve a Diamond

In life, we experience moments that are truly life-changing and a cut above the rest, such as a career change, a well-deserved promotion, an engagement, an anniversary, to name a few. These naturally become core memories that we hold onto so dearly and look back to for inspiration to keep living our best lives.

Celebrate these milestones with something that is equally priceless and exquisitely beautiful. Take a look at Ocampo’s Fine Jewellery’s selection of luxurious brilliant pieces to match the most significant days of your life.


Athena Engagement Ring in 18k Yellow Gold

Planning to pop the question? Complete the moment with a classic diamond ring. Surprise your significant other with this pricelessly magnificent piece featuring diamonds dancing to the music of your love story atop a yellow-gold curved band designed with the wearer’s best comfort in mind. Let the brilliance of its 0.30ct Diamond stone resemble the clarity of your future together. 


Anita Gold Earrings in 18k Yellow Gold

Invest in an extraordinary piece that will elevate you as you transition from the classroom to the real world.

Glow-up with our edgy yet classy Anita Gold Earrings set in 18k yellow gold, a radiating strong aesthetic in construct with the softness of the pear-shape golden frame. Owning your first set of diamond earrings signifies maturity and growth—a mark of taking on bigger challenges and transitioning to the finer things in life.



Despite being popularly associated with love and romance, diamonds are, in fact, the ultimate symbol of success.

Reward yourself for a well-deserved promotion with the Audrey Diamond Bangle in white gold. Its geometric design merges the modern aesthetic with timeless class. Wear this brilliant piece on your wrist like a medal for all your hard work. 


Ruisa Diamond Necklace in 14k White Gold

There comes a time in a relationship when passionate romance turns into quiet yet secure companionship. Through the changes that come with the years, love endures, the way timeless diamonds do. Celebrate your love with the brilliance and clarity of our Ruisa Diamond Necklace. Diamonds shine forever, and so does a long-lasting love. Complete any anniversary with a dazzling gift.


Maya Heart Diamond Necklace in 18k Yellow Gold

The journey from conception to birth is nothing short of a miracle for both mother and child. Mark this special milestone with a brilliant, meticulously crafted diamond piece. Maya Heart Diamond Necklace’s gem-filled yellow gold heart pendant captures the transition of a woman into motherhood. This necklace makes a stylishly classic heirloom, too. 


Cinta Diamond Necklace in 18k Yellow Gold

Here’s a reminder that we don’t always need big events to deserve a little luxury in life. Sometimes, great life changes come in short, quiet moments of rest and self-reflection. 

The Cinta Diamond necklace exudes a quiet elegance, perfect for those treasured self-loving moments. Featuring a circular pendant studded with eight brilliant cut diamonds alternating with yellow-gold spheres, it’s a reminder of things always coming in full circle. 

These are a few occasions you may want to brighten up with a diamond. Check out Ocampo’s Fine Jewellery’s collections! For more information about our products and services, visit or head to our flagship Lazada and Zalora stores.

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