Jewelry Goals for Life's Big Events

Celebrating life-changing events with brilliant jewelry is a no-brainer. Major life events are like rare gems: they’re hard to come by and always one for the books. Not sure where to start in matching your defining moments with exquisite jewelry? Here are a few ideas for you.


Milestone Birthday 

Ages that end in zero or five are typically milestone birthdays. Two exceptions to this are the ages of 18 and 21. Regardless, if you’re hitting a milestone age, a show-stopping piece of jewelry is always a great idea. Traditionally, diamond rings are the go-to. But, birthstone sets can be an equally stunning and special choice. Want the best of both? How about a big birthstone ring? Nothing like a bright, colorful piece to say, “the party is just getting started.”

New Baby

The birth of a new baby is a cause for celebration for any family, especially for the mother. Eternity rings are popular among first-time moms, as they symbolize adding to the wedding jewelry, reflecting how the new baby adds to the married life. Another popular option is any dainty gold necklace with a gemstone pendant. Worn close to the heart, this similarly mirrors how you as a mom keep your baby in your heart. 

Well-deserved Promotion 

Your hard work deserves not just a promotion, but also a reward that reminds you of, and to keep at, it. Stylish timepieces are a practical choice for a gift to self to mark this occasion. Not only are they functional, they also effortlessly make you look like you mean business. 

Road-to-Forever Engagement 

The road to your forever commitment to your partner may be the end of your singleness, yet it may also mark your forever commitment to yourself, whatever your relationship status may be. Pick your favorite type of jewelry, and have it customized to your liking. That’s a gift that’s uniquely yours as you prepare to be somebody’s life partner. 

Significant events call for equally significant gifts like jewelry. Take your pick, and know you deserve it. Here’s to more life-changing events and fine jewelry that make them shine a bit more. 

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