New Vows, New Jewelry? We Think So.

Vow renewal is a milestone for many couples. If you’re choosing to commemorate your years, or even decades-long, marriage, by renewing vows, then you may want to consider adding new elements to the celebration as well. New elements, such as jewelry, perhaps. Elegant, versatile and definitely for keeps, they perfectly symbolize the newness and longevity of your commitment. 

Here are a few jewelry ideas to add brilliance to your renewal ceremony. 

New Rings 

Some couples opt to get new rings to match new vows. While the ceremony is essentially reinforcing your long-term union, it also rings in (pun not intended) a new chapter in your marriage. As you and your partner have undoubtedly changed and grown as individuals in your years as partners, exchanging new rings to mark the occasion is a great way to symbolize this. 

Getting new rings doesn’t mean throwing the old ones away. Upgrading your existing ring is an option. For instance, you can choose to add a karat to your engagement ring for each year of marriage. If your ring is an eternity design, then you may add a diamond per year as well. 

New “Something New”

Bridal garbs often consist of something new, something borrowed and something blue. Getting a new “something new” is a no-brainer. If you’re considering jewelry pieces as your “something new”, a classic fine jewelry set is a great investment. This may double as your “something new” that will elevate a simple vow renewal getup as well as a beautiful anniversary gift. 

New “Something Blue” 

In keeping with the traditional must-have bridal “somethings”, a new blue piece can come in the form a dainty sapphire necklace or brooch that can contrast a subdued ceremony look. Sapphire is also a popular gemstone commonly associated with abundance, luck and love. If you’re looking for the perfect “something blue”, you can’t go wrong with a sapphire piece. 

New “Something Borrowed”

New pieces don’t have to mean newly purchased. They may just be a different one from what you’ve previously worn, and this can’t be more true in getting a new “something borrowed”. During weddings, the piece is usually lent by older relatives. For the renewal, why not opt to borrow from a friend, a niece or a daughter? Tennis bracelets may be a great choice as they’re popular with the younger ones and when worn, will also make you feel as though you’re being held during this important occasion. 

Vow renewal is celebrating a lasting marriage with a new resolve to stay committed to the union. Mixing new and old together to commemorate and reinforce your vows, adds brilliance to the occasion. How will you celebrate your vow renewal? However you may choose to do so, best wishes to you. 

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