One Fine Summer: Jewelry Pieces to Wear for the Season

Valentine’s season is over, and it’s time to usher in the bright summer days. Summer brings to mind laidback escapades to beaches and other tourist destinations, and, with vibrant, breezy looks to match. When it comes to jewelry styling this summer, what are a few must-haves? We list them down here. 

Pearls and Mother of Pearl 

Pearls and mother of pearl pieces are a staple for summertime fashion. Thanks to their natural sheen and muted, milky shade, they always look elegant. While the classic string of pearls is a style staple all year round, a season-appropriate twist to this is the opera design. Pearls strung in longer wear-resistant silk threads add a dramatic, boho-chic flair that takes any neckpiece up a notch, making for a picturesque addition to any vacation outfit. 

Mixed Stones 

Summer lookbooks typically feature vibrant color palettes. If you’re more inclined to wear neutrals, especially on a tropical getaway, then leave the colors to chunky mixed stone or mixed media jewelry pieces. This gives off an offbeat, nature chic, vibe that adds extra oomph to casual, breezy get ups. Effortlessly elevate a shirt, shorts and flip flops outfit combo with just one statement piece. 

Dangling Earrings 

Apart from vivid colors, flowy pieces are a trademark of summer fashion looks. When it comes to jewelry, dangling earrings have the most movement when worn, making for an easy yet refined styling. A pair of long, dangling earrings can take your looks from day to night, and you’d like to rock them beyond the season. 

Cocktail Rings

Color and volume add festive elements to even the simplest outfits. If you’re going for a play of colors and want to keep a refined look, then piling on bright cocktail rings is a great way to do it. Rings are not the immediate focal point of fashion looks, which means there’s room to wear more and not appear overdressed. 

Bright sunny days are ahead, and you’d want to have an equally vibrant jewelry look to match. Take a few cues, and pieces, from Ocampo’s Fine Jewellery, and get ready for one fine summer.

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