Refined and Fashionable: Style Musts for Women in Their 50's

When women reach a certain age, their style sensibilities tend to shift. Trends take a backseat to make way for timeless pieces, for clothing, shoes, jewelry and more. While it’s style over fashion for a woman’s golden years, this doesn’t mean going for dated picks or doing away with trends altogether. 

Avoiding looking matronly and trying hard to hold onto the past decades is a major consideration when crafting looks for fashionable ladies in their 50’s. Here are a few musts for them. 

Go For Gold 

It’s a given: gold jewelry is timeless. For a classic yet current and age-appropriate look, go for pieces in daintier styles and cuts. Instead of yellow gold, the trendy rose gold can also take center stage when accessorizing. These lend a more laid back and versatile feel to any getup. If you gravitate towards larger pieces, you’d want to avoid looking weighed down and matronly. Keep the pieces at a minimum, so your getup stays light and still dressy. 

Crisp is Chic

Crisp shirts in classic silhouettes are a wardrobe staple for people of all ages. For older women, crisp means neat and well-fitted. You’d still want to play up your shape and not overwhelm your figure with very loose clothing. If you’re getting conscious about your figure, complement it with silhouettes that make you look proportioned. A fit-and-flare cut usually does the trick. 

Bare a Bit 

Who says you can’t show some skin anymore at 50? If you want to, you most certainly can. Just make sure to keep it tasteful by baring just the right amount of skin. Asymmetrical tops, dresses and bottoms with strategic cut-outs and in the right shape are your best friend. They’re safe for work and still make for a smart getup. 

Structured or Slouchy

When it comes to bags, a woman can play up her fashion choices by leaning on either of the two ends: structured or slouchy. Structured satchels, suitcases and purses can dress up a jeans-and-shirt combo. A slouchy tote, on the other hand, is an unexpected match to more polished wardrobe staples such as blazers and coats. This adds a little more fun to an otherwise ‘serious’ getup. 

Fashion in your 50’s can be a cross between trendy and timeless. Clothes and accessories don’t wear you; you wear them. With the right pieces and a few updated classics, the golden woman can embrace her age fully and fashionably with ease. 

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