Safe, Pain-free Ear Piercing for Your Little Ones

There are benefits to getting one’s ears pierced while they’re young: for one, it’s unlikely for them to remember any discomfort resulting from the process. And another, moms may be able to enjoy jazzing up their babies’ ears early on, making playing dress up easier and more fun. Of course, getting a baby’s ears pierced also requires great care. It’s a job best done by professionals. 

Ocampo’s Fine Jewellery offers ear piercing services that feature state of the art instruments, ensuring a comfortable experience, especially for your little ones. We run down how the brand does ear piercing differently. 

Use of Studex 

Ocampo’s Fine Jewellery uses Studex, one of the leading ear piercing technologies today. The one-piece instrument has a 14k gold tip, making it ideal to be used on sensitive skin. Studex is FDA-approved and medically sterilized, which definitely adds to the safety and sanitation factors of the piercing service. 

The Studex piercing system is also light and pressure-free, which puts parents’ apprehensions at ease. Their kids’ ears will be well taken care of, and the piercing appointment will be a tantrum-free one. 

Ocampo’s branches have ear piercing clients as young as 6 months old, and over the years, have been getting positive feedback on the safe, sanitized, comfortable and virtually pain-free process. 

Stringent Before and After Care 

State of the art piercing systems are only as good as those who handle them. At Ocampo’s, clients can rest assured that their kids are well taken care of before, during and after piercing. 

Before piercing, parents are required to sign a waiver form outlining its possible effects. During, our Ocampo’s staff ensure the observance of proper sanitation, not only of the tools to be used, but also of the area to be pierced. After, we make sure to regularly check on the customer to be able to assist, should they have concerns post-piercing. Customers also get to take home the Studex aftercare gel, which helps in easing any discomfort and speeds up healing. 

Ocampo’s Fine Jewellery’s ear piercing services are available in all our branches, nationwide. Children and adults alike may enjoy the piercing process through our pain-free service. Interested? Get in touch at to find out more. 

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