Why Birthstone Jewelry is Always In Style

Gemstones are already regal in themselves. Having them as birthstones, however, makes them special. Wearing them as jewelry is a fashion-forward way to dress up any outfit. Birthstone jewelry has a lasting and personal appeal that elevates your style. How, you may ask. We count the ways here. 

It Lends A Pop of Color and Shine

Many birthstones come in rich jewel tones. Citrine, the second November birthstone, September’s sapphire and July’s ruby, are just a few examples of vivid gems. Whether or not you’re a fan of colors, wearing birthstone jewelry is a tasteful way to brighten up any getup, from simple everyday wear, to dressy evening attire. 

Sets are perfect for a no-brainer, yet polished look. If you’re leaning towards a subtler way to style colorful stones, then small stud earrings or a thin necklace with a dainty pendant are your go-to’s. Pair them with a neutral outfit, or go all out with a cocktail dress in a solid, contrasting color. 

It’s Precious and Personal with A Lot of Personality

No two months share the same birthstone, so wearing yours feels quite personal and even symbolic. Not to mention that they’re valuable investment pieces, too, as they’re semi-precious or precious gems. Those born in April and May, for instance, have the diamond and emerald as their birthstones, so they’re definitely for keeps. 

A popular choice for gift-givers, you may have also received birthstone jewelry as a present, or even got one for yourself, adding sentimental value to the piece. However you may have gotten it, it’s a gift that was purchased with you in mind. You’ll definitely enjoy keeping and wearing it. 

It Gives Off A Healing, Grounding Vibe

Birthstones are believed to have healing properties and were determined based on the zodiac signs. Some stones are said to have their powers amplified in specific months, which definitely seems like they’re special presents from the universe. Wear them as jewelry, and you’ll feel that healing, grounding vibe while staying in style.  

It Has That Royal and Regal Aesthetic 

Especially in an elegant set, birthstone jewelry just spells classic regal that makes you feel like royalty. Get it in chunkier styles or a classic cut and timeless silver or gold hardware, and you’ll have a precious investment piece that will give a touch of old-Hollywood glamor to your aesthetic. Wear it with basic casuals like denims and a crisp white shirt for a more laid-back, and no less sophisticated, vibe. 

These are just a few reasons to love your birthstone jewelry. Looking for your own? You’ve come to the right place. Browse our collections here. 

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