• Abundance in Color: Shades that Bring Luck and How to Style Them

    Chinese New Year is here, and we’re seeing 2023’s zodiac animal, the rabbit, pretty much everywhere: from the malls in the form of displays, to our...

  • Jewelry Goals for Life's Big Events

    Celebrating life-changing events with brilliant jewelry is a no-brainer. Major life events are like rare gems: they’re hard to come by and always one for the books. Not sure where to start in matching your defining moments with exquisite jewelry? Here are a few ideas for you.

  • Then, Now and Forever: How Weddings Have Changed and Stayed the Same

    While soon-to-weds or newly weds and their families can definitely attest to the huge changes in the wedding scene, the suppliers experienced firsthand the effects of these changes to their business. We share insights from the experts.

  • Have a December to Remember

    We’re down to the final month of 2022, can you believe it? It seemed as if it was only yesterday that we were counting down to welcoming the new year, and now, it’s almost time to usher in another one. Before wrapping up the year that was, make what’s left of 2022, count. How do you make your December one to remember?

  • New Vows, New Jewelry? We Think So.

    Vow renewal is a milestone for many couples. If you’re choosing to commemorate your years, or even decades-long, marriage, by renewing vows, then y...

  • Why Birthstone Jewelry is Always In Style

    Gemstones are already regal in themselves. Having them as birthstones, however, makes them special. Wearing them as jewelry is a fashion-forward way to dress up any outfit. Birthstone jewelry has a lasting and personal appeal that elevates your style. How, you may ask. We count the ways here.

  • Have A Loved Up Anniversary

    Welcoming another year of love with your significant other is truly something to look forward to. When your anniversary’s coming up, hopefully, so do the ideas for a romantic celebration. Whether you’re going for a fuss-free night-in or a grand weekend escapade, you can make the occasion special. Read here.

  • Brilliant Moments Through the Years

    Being in the local fine jewelry market for 96 years and counting, Ocampo’s Fine Jewellery has been a witness to, and a part of, many of its clients’ life events. The established brand has added a touch of brilliance to these celebrations and made gift-giving more special through the years.

  • Glam and Gold: Gifts for the Holiday Season

    From delicate and understated style picks to elegant and striking statement fine jewelry pieces, Ocampo’s Fine Jewellery is the place to shop for s...

  • Online Shopping Guide for Luxury Jewellery

    E-commerce shops and online marketplaces have changed the way we shop. Before, shopping meant hours-long browsing, sorting through store displays a...

  • Why You Should Invest in Luxury Pieces

    One great way to get the most out of your hard-earned money is to invest in things that never depreciate in value. Real estate and fine jewelry are...

  • Days that Deserve a Diamond

    In life, we experience moments that are truly life-changing and a cut above the rest, such as a career change, a well-deserved promotion, an engage...

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